Mt. Hood

11,259 ft.  – 2-4 days  – Trips available: December-July (2013 Calendar)

Mt. Hood has alpine snow and ice climbs to interest every ability level. It’s also one of the most accessible of all the Cascade Peaks, with year-round access to 6,000 feet, offering great winter climbing during high pressure systems, and of course summer days with plenty of snow.

Beginner Climbs:

  • The South Side offers several variations: the Old Chute, Pearly Gates, and the 1 O’Clock Gully
  • The Wy-East and the West Crater Rim are a step up in difficulty.

Intermediate/Advanced Climbs:

  • The Cooper Spur boasts 60 degree snow for over 1,000 feet of climbing. It is the most direct line to the summit of Mount Hood.
  • Reid Glacier Headwall is a good early season climb with 50 degree snow and ice
  • The Sunshine Route pictured above climbs the lower sections of the Elliot Glacier to the Snow Dome, then ascends the steep 55 degree wall to reach the Queens Chair which yields to the summit ridge.

Contact me directly to book your dates. See Timberline Mountain Guides for pricing. 


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