Lovers Leap

near South Lake Tahoe, California

3-5 day programs  – Best time to climb: August-September (2013 Calendar)

Lovers Leap is famous for routes like Bear’s Reach (see Dan Osman’s speed free solo on the photo gallery) and Traveler Buttress, one of the so-called Fifty Classics (below). You can spend days multipitch cragging at the Leap and climb dozens of moderate pitches. Or you can push yourself on the numerous difficult crack and face routes in the 5.10-5.12 range. The routes listed below are just some of the better known classics, but there are many other high-quality routes, like Corrugation Corner 5.7, pictured above. The area is also great for learning to lead and practicing advanced self rescue skills.

Multipitch climbing

  • Introductory – Knapsack Crack, The Farce, Deception
  •  IntermediateBear’s Reach, Haystack, Surrealistic Pillar
  • Advanced –  The Line, Hospital Corner, Traveler Buttress
  • Difficult – East Corner 11b, Tombstone Terror 10c, Power Lust 11a

Instructional Courses: These courses are available as all or part of a multi-day trip.

  • Traditional Lead Climbing: Work on anchors, gear placement and lead-belaying skills in this crack-rich environment.
  • Self-Rescue: Essential for independent climbers of all levels. Learn how to use what you’ve got to avoid relying on someone else to rescue you.
  • Anchor-building: Learn the basics of building solid anchor systems. In this class you’ll get a lot of hands on time and feedback.

Contact me directly for dates and pricing.


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